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Writing in the Open Window

Writing in the Open Window:
Being Creative in Crisis

Find Joy in Writing.

"Ultimate fulfillment is not found in the completion of a project or the recognition you receive for what you produce. The greater happiness derives from the creative process itself, the deliberate and sustained playful effort and wild surrender of dancing with God. Moreover, your creative thriving in troubled times is God's idea, not just to bless you, but to benefit others
and, believe it or not, to bring God joy."

The current global crisis has caused much suffering and dramatically changed the way we live. Yet, it has also opened a window to see and do these things differently. It is possible for your difference to include starting, continuing, or completing a book that has never left your mind and heart completely.

Now is the time to write, while the window of opportunity is open in a way that it may never be again.

According to one survey, some 200 million Americans say they want to publish a book. A survey of 1,100 people revealed their main reason for writing a book: Having a great message or experience they want to share to help inspire others. Here is how people responded when asked, “What is holding you back from writing a book?”:

40 percent chose the response, “I don’t know where to start.”
18 percent chose, “No time.”
16 percent chose, “Lack confidence.”
15 percent chose, “Don’t feel qualified.”
The rest chose “Other.”

Writing in the Open Window: Being Creative in Crisis is based on two Facebook Live Seminars, viewed by over 37,000 persons in just three weeks. The seminars provide doable strategies for overcoming each of the 4 main reasons for not writing a book. This companion volume to the "Writing in the Open Window" video expands on information shared during the seminars, and introduces new material on overcoming writing distractions, and cultivating an attitude that empowers you to engage each writing session with anticipation, clarity, focus, and joy.

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