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Soul Talk Excerpt

"Though your soul may be more mystery to you than familiar reality, you are not a stranger to soul moments. When you smile for no reason, know something for sure without having learned it, or feel peace amid broken pieces, your soul is manifesting itself. Your soul is your pool of deep wisdom, peace, and joy within. Your soul is the part of you God held last as God released your free flight into the world."

 ~ ~ from Soul Talk: How to Have the Most Important Conversation of All

Too often, the most difficult person to speak with honestly and deeply is yourself. And yet, if you are to live your finest, freshest, and fullest life, it is essential to maintain an empowering inner dialogue. Soul Talk presents 7 enlivening steps for creating and continuing soulfully satisfying self-communication:

1. Be Still.
2. Lay Burdens Down.
3. Listen Deeply.
4. Don’t Run Away.
5. Be Honest.
6. Be Gentle.
7. Welcome New Truth.

To Connect With Your Soul is to Take Advantage of the Supreme Empowerment Opportunity of the Lifetime!

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