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Rest in the Storm

Rest in the Storm:

The Creativity Journal

Discover the Hidden Contributor to Authentic and Continuous Creative Expression.

The companion volume to Rest in the Storm: Self-Care Strategies for Clergy and Other Caregivers, 20th Anniversary Edition, Rest in the Storm, The Creativity Journal will help you eliminate self-diminishing understandings of the creative process, and more freely and playfully unleash your optimal creative potential and power. Significantly, the journal invites you to explore and expand your connection to an often neglected essential contributor to the creative process: Your Divine Soul. Deliberate, sustained soul awareness and dialogue will serve as vital fuel for free, authentic, and ongoing creative expression.

Filled with inspiring fresh ideas, prompts, exercises and prayers, Rest in the Storm: The Creativity Journal, is your key to unlocking and unleashing your finest creative expressions in the world.

Among the Fun, Freeing Exercises in The Creativity Journal:

Look at You!
The Sacred Siblings
Reclaim Your Make-Believe Super Power
Saturday Morning Space-Making
The Waking Moment
Soul Urgings and Nudges
Holy Unrest
Embracing Your Go-To Inspirations
Engage the Danger
Inspiration and Destination

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