Soul Deep Dive Course


Morning B.R.E.W.

Morning B.R.E.W.:

A Divine Power Drink for Your Soul

Morning B.R.E.W. is a brief and powerful way to create dynamic spiritual energy for each new day through being still, receiving God's love, embracing personhood, and welcoming the day.

In just 5-15 minutes, B.R.E.W. will revive and empower you:

Be Still-Empty yourself of the old; Open yourself to the new.
Receive God's Love-Feel God's love afresh, each day.
Embrace Personhood-Celebrate sacred self-is-ness!
Welcome the Day-Choose gratitude and anticipation.

Why is Morning B.R.E.W. important?

Any chance of living the abundant life promised by Jesus hinges on our ability to harness, focus, and project spiritual energy with purpose and power, no matter what the challenge or circumstance.                         

If you are going to thrive, not just merely survive, in these complex and challenging times, you need one thing more than anything else: spiritual energy. You need spiritual energy to dream, accomplish, endure, succeed, learn, and grow. You name it; without energy it can't be done. Morning B.R.E.W. is a simple and potent method for creating dynamic spiritual energy to live the life you are longing for. Go ahead, try some B.R.E.W. ! One sip can change your life!

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